I'm Paul Teo

Paul started his real estate career by serving landed buyers in 2008.
Subsequently, He was appointed as the Project Consultant for West Shore Residences, a redeveloped cluster landed project and sold 5 out of 8 units for the project.
He transacted his first semi-detached within 3 months upon joining the industry.

#About me

After spending years in landed market, he has overcome numerous challenges in landed transactions including leasehold landed, unapproved alterations, houses affected by Road Line Plan, land for redevelopment and other unique properties.

Over the past 14 years, his vision for his client to pursue their dream and continuously progress, many of his clients have successfully upgraded from their HDB to a 2 private dream homes, and eventually to their landed, which he called this progression plan:

The Landed Asset Progression.

"Paul strongly believes as long one have the family at heart, the desire to progress will be fuelled, along with the RIGHT property advisor, our property dream can all come true."

Every day as a child, my grandmother would ask me to run up and down the corridors of our neighborhood estate! And after each session she would always place two $0.50 coins in my palm.

It was a very odd request, but I would never complain because as children, we love to be encouraged to have fun!
Grandma eventually shared with me that there was a lot of tension in our neighborhood back then. And she felt that I naturally carried an infectious joy and excitement.

Asking me to run and have fun was her way of spreading this joy to our neighborhood.
I joined real estate in 2008, and I carried this joy to my business. My career took off fast as I loved meeting new people and getting them excited about their property journey.

I soon began to consistently achieve Annual Top Achiever’s awards as I rose within the ranks of my company.
Without realizing, this joy for others began to be replaced by wealth and self - importance. In my thirties, grandma would ask me to run along the corridors for old times sake. I got upset at her request. Doing this was beneath me. Two $0.50 coins to waste my time? Certainly not!

This attitude showed in my business where I became more focused on the transaction, instead of the client.
This resulted in the darkest moment of my career. Despite successfully selling my clients’ homes, not many wanted to keep in touch after.

Being driven by money and self - importance soon became a really lonely journey.
The turning point came when grandma passed away. As my family stood around the casket at the wake, I was reminded how this lady invested in my ability to bring joy to others, two $0.50 coins at a time.
This was when I realized I had to bring back the heart into this business. Real estate is a high touch business that is so personal to homeowners.

I believe that every homeowner should never have to lose hope at any point in their property journey, and be able to achieve their goals with proper strategic planning.

#My story

How the gap method came about

I came from humble beginnings. When I was a child, my parents (Mum: p4 educated & Dad: a technician) did not have much money, nor were they highly educated.

Day to day, they were focused on putting food on the table for myself and my siblings, like many other Singaporean parents. But one key thing set them apart from most others in their position:

Despite their financial struggles, my parents understood even early on, that Real Estate (RE) was the only way out of these struggles for our family. So, they saved up over the years with the intention of making powerful RE moves when the opportunity arrived, in order to transform our lives. They spoke to countless RE agents, looking for a framework which they could use to go from our Tampines St 91 HDB to a mo re valuable property.

they found a way! In the past 20 years, my parents went from a Tampines St 91 HDB and frequent financial stresses to 2 condos, early retirement, capital appreciation and a steady passive income.... All from a starting combined monthly income of just $6000! I saw it with my very own eyes... 2 everyday Singaporeans, not earning high incomes...

who were still able to accumulate generational wealth via RE. And thanks to them, I have stability and opportunity today. Which I’m deeply grateful for. This taught me that, with the right RE fr amework... any Singaporean family can do this too! And that’s why I’m talking to you today: I’ve made it my mission to teach this method (which I learnt from my parents journey) to the everyday Singaporean family.

#His Mission

Everyone desires to upgrade.

And I believe that every homeowner should never have to lose hope at any point in their property journey, and be able to achieve their goals with proper strategic planning.

Finding buyers to view homes have never been easier with the Internet! But why do so many home owners still find their units UNSOLD despite months of countless viewings?

The reason is simple...You see, many agents simply struggle to understand these Buyers’ Psychology & Needs.

Do you feel that agents often deliver the same ‘sales .’ to every home buyer , hoping for the ‘right fish to eventually bite’?
They either get NO offers, or offers way below their expectations...losing out on new opportunities in the property market & leaving their family inconvenienced for months!

One such homeowner was MadisonChua, who owned an #04 - 04 unit at Fairmont Condominum. Many agents tried marketing his unit for 6 months, but failed. In fact, he got so desperately that he even tried to sell it himself!
When he eventually engaged me, we came up with a plan together, and I showed him a different perspective on how his unit could be marketed.

The unit was sold within 2 weeks!
The joy and sense of relief he had upon the closing of the sale looked very familiar. And I realized it was similar to that of my neighbours as I ran up and down the corridors.

That was when I realized my passion was re - ignited and now my real estate business has greater meaningful as I invest in the lives of my clients.

To find out more how our family driven strategy GAP METHOD can help you move on in your property journey, contact me now

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Pursuing the dream:-
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Hear from our leader/producer Paul Teo and find out what drives and fuel his passion real estate since 2008:

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